Help First Responders Evacuate Neighborhoods Quickly During a Disaster – Get Your Free Evacuation Tag!

The Mill Valley Police Department, in partnership with the Marin County Sheriff’s Office and Southern Marin Fire Department/Mill Valley Fire Department, is giving away evacuation tags to residents living in Mill Valley. The tags provide first responders a new tool in quickly evacuating neighborhoods during a disaster. Residents display the tag in a highly visible location when they evacuate their home, such as a mailbox, the front door, garage door, or end of the driveway.

Seconds count during an evacuation.

This time-saving tool will help first responders act quickly in neighborhoods under evacuation order. Instead of stopping, checking, and marking each property, a visible evacuation tag from the street will allow them to immediately move on to the next home.

Mill Valley residents can pick up their tags at the following locations:

  • Mill Valley Police Department – 1 Hamilton Drive, Mill Valley, CA
  • Mill Valley City Hall – 26 Corte Madera Avenue, Mill Valley, CA
  • Mill Valley Fire Department Station 6 – 26 Corte Madera Avenue, Mill Valley, CA
  • Mill Valley Fire Department Station 7 – 1 Hamilton Drive, Mill Valley, CA

If you need assistance picking up your tag, please contact the Mill Valley Police Department at 415-389-4100.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if there are more than one residence on my property?
A: When first responders see an evacuation tag near the street, they will assume everyone on the property has evacuated. If everyone has evacuated, place the tag near the street. If people remain on the property, only place the tag on the individually evacuated residences. When all residents have evacuated, place the evacuation tag at the end of the driveway or near the property entrance.

Q: Doesn’t the evacuation tag tell looters I’m not home?
A: Public safety personnel heavily patrol evacuated zones with help from law enforcement partners and neighboring agencies. Also, first responders usually mark an evacuated home with yellow tape or an “X” on the street once all residents have left the property. This is no different than an evacuation tag.

Q: Where do I affix the tag when I evacuate?
A: Place the tag in a visible location from the street, such as a gate, a mailbox, garage door or a front door. If the property has multiple units, make sure all residents have evacuated before placing the tag near the street. Use a sturdy material such as a zip tie or metal twine, making sure it will stay in place for an extended period in windy conditions.  

Q: Can I get one for my vacation rental or second home?
A: Yes!

Q: Do I have to use an evacuation tag?
A: No. Evacuation tags are optional. They help first responders evacuate neighborhoods more quickly, which helps firefighting and other rescue efforts. Communities in Sonoma and Napa County have successfully used evacuation tags.

Q: Can I get an evacuation tag if I live in unincorporated Marin County?
A: Absolutely. If you live outside of City limits, please contact the Marin County Sheriff’s Office at 415-473-7250 and ask about evacuation tags.

County of Marin residents can pick up their tags at the following locations:

  • Southern Marin Substation (850 Drake Ave, Marin City)
  • Marin County Sheriff’s Office (1600 Los Gamos Drive #200, San Rafael)
  • Throckmorton Fire Station (816 Panoramic Highway, Mill Valley)