SASM Set to Launch Master Plan for Wastewater Treatment Plant’s Next 30 Years

Approved in December 2014, the Wastewater Treatment Plant Master Plan is a report on the existing condition and future rehabilitation needs for all Sewerage Agency of Southern Marin (SASM’s) major assets: collection, treatment and conveyance facilities. The document will guide the plant’s next 30 years in an effort to protect it from flooding, incorporate sustainability initiatives and plan for expected new legal requirements and the fact that many of the Wastewater Treatment Plant facilities and equipment are nearing the end of their useful lives.

The Master Plan calls for $30 million in capital improvement projects (CIPs) in initial improvements (over the next five to seven years), and another $20 million in CIPs over the 20 years after that. Projects will include rehabilitation of treatment and conveyance facilities like electrical system upgrades and overhaul of the digesters with construction planned to start in 2018.

Work is currently underway to develop a financial report to identify proposed sewer rate changes to fund the implementation of the Master Plan, followed by the SASM board’s adoption of the recommended Capital Improvement Program. The SASM Board will look at increasing assessments, targeting rate hikes to begin in Fiscal Year 2016/17 and will review opportunities through grant and bond issuances to carry-out the Master Plan.

"The Wastewater Treatment Plant has served the needs of the community for 33 years, but it is clear to us that the plant’s facilities have surpassed their useful life," Board President Lew Kious said. "By committing the improvements and policies outlined in the Master Plan, we will be in much better position to provide wastewater services to our community and protect the environment going forward.”

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