Watch Part 4 of "How To Prepare Before, During, & After A Wildfire Evacuation" Video Series

Southern Marin Fire District highly advises in the event there is an emergency evacuation, leave immediately in one car per household. Your secondary means of evacuation is to head to your nearest Community Refuge Area temporarily until it's safe to leave. 

The vegetation fire in Mill Valley on Monday, May 31st is a reminder to all residents to be prepared when wildfires threaten our community. Residents should know what to do in case of emergency. All month long Southern Marin Fire District will be sharing videos educating residents on steps to prepare, in advance, for evacuation from wildfires and other disasters. 


Watch "Part Four" of our Wildfire Evacuation Preparedness Video. 

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Be aware of where you live

  • Have multiple evacuation routes
  • Be prepared to evacuate on foot
  • Check out the Evacuation Map for routes 
  • Know your closest Assembly Area 

Have your stuff Ready

  • Keep a bag ready with emergency supplies
  • Have a plan for your pets
  • Keep important documents in a “grab and go” location

Stay informed

Video Credits:

This video project is in partnership with the City of Mill Valley Emergency Preparedness Commission. And a big thanks to Mill Valley Police Department's Chief of Police, Rick Navarro, and Southern Marin Fire Protection District's Fire Chief, Chris Tubbs, for their support.


Videography by Ken Campbell