City Irrigation Water Use Down by 47%

The combined water use of the golf course, parks, fields and landscapes was reduced by 47% in the month of June, as compared to June 2020. This reduction in water usage shows the City's commitment to conserving limited resources. City staff coordinated and worked collaboratively with MMWD staff to set up an irrigation schedule that would allow the city to preserve as much of the recent investments made in the fields and golf course as feasible while continuing to commit to a 40% reduction.  The City has flexibility in when and how it irrigates, and can offset water use at one site with reductions at another. In June this 47% reduction amounted to 2.15M gallons of water saved.  Staff is making extra efforts to conserve water this year, rehabilitating and using an old well, being vigilant in maintaining sprinkler systems and working with our SASM colleagues to obtain regulatory approval to use reclaimed water while to maintaining the city’s sanitary sewer system.  Staff believes, but has not confirmed, these actions have helped reduce water usage by more than any other Marin agency.