Home Sustainability Webinars

The Marin County Sustainability Team is hosting a webinar series this fall with topics including home energy audits, energy efficiency and electrification, solar and battery storage, and electric vehicles. Residents are encouraged to attend all the sessions but are welcome to tune into the topics that are of most interest. Each topic will feature industry professionals and experts, and attendees will be able to ask questions. You can browse webinars and register here:

Webinar Dates and Topics:

  • Home Energy Audits: September 18 @ 10am, September 22 @ 6pm
  • Energy Efficiency and Electrification Projects: September 29 @ 6pm, October 2 @ 10am
  • Solar and Battery Storage: October 13 @ 6pm, October 16 @ 10am
  • Electric Vehicles: October 23 @ 10am, October 27 @ 6pm

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