Miller Avenue Construction FAQs - June 2016

June 2016: Frequently Asked Questions - When and where will construction start? What are the hours of construction each day? How do I stay updated?

We have prepared a short FAQ with info on some of the most frequently asked questions. Click here to download or see the full text of the FAQs below.

Miller Ave Streetscape Project FAQ

What is the Miller Avenue Streetscape Project?
Miller Avenue Streetscape Project is a complete overhaul of one of the City’s primary arteries. The project stretches from Almonte Boulevard near Tamalpais High School all the way to Sunnyside Avenue near Downtown. The primary goals of the project are to repair infrastructure and improve multi-modal functions, including addressing safety for pedestrians and bicyclists of all ages and abilities, providing better transit access, and improving motorist safety.

The project includes bicycle and pedestrian improvements, infrastructure replacement (sewers, sidewalks, paving), as well as flood control features (storm drainage, flap gates) and stormwater quality elements (rain gardens). The estimated cost of the project is $15 million.

Where will construction start?
The project will be starting in the commercial area of Miller, known as the “Main Street” section (Willow Avenue to Reed Street). Construction will then progress to the next section of Miller Avenue based on additional construction phasing details currently underway by the contractor.  

What will the construction hours be?
During the school year, work hours will be from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday - Friday.
During summer recess, work hours will be from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday - Friday.  

How long is the project going to take?
The project is estimated to take up to 18 months to complete all sections of the project.

What measures will be implemented to reduce construction impacts to businesses and residents?
The construction crews will place a high priority to provide pedestrian and vehicle access to residential properties and businesses throughout the project. The City is coordinating with the Mill Valley Chamber of Commerce to implement a program to support businesses during the construction.  This includes signage, parking management, promotional events and collateral. The City will also conduct outreach to address site-specific concerns.

Does the project remove existing vegetation, trees, and the grassy median?
The project does not remove the grassy median across from Safeway and Tamalpais High School. In the Main Street section, the project will preserve 38 existing trees. The Main Street section will have nearly 142 new trees. It is necessary to remove some trees for the new streetscape design, which includes moving the medians. Many of these trees have been identified as being at the end of their lifespans, not the correct kinds of trees for the location and soil conditions, and showing signs of stress due to the drought.  

Where will I park during construction?
The City urges all businesses and residences on Miller Avenue to make efficient use of their private parking areas. The City’s public parking lot will transition from all day parking to 4-hour parking Monday-Saturday. The City has also begun to actively enforce existing parking restrictions on Miller Avenue. This will allow more cars to utilize a parking space in a given day, creating the turnover of parking spaces for business customers. Whole Foods has agreed to allow the public to park for 2-hours parking in a section of their private lot across Evergreen Ave. from their Miller Avenue Store.  Additional efforts are being made to store construction-related vehicles out of the public right of way.