A Message from Mayor John McCauley

The City Council has received several communications about our Steps, Lanes and Paths (SLPs) program, and we are excited to see the out pour of enthusiasm from the community.

First, the City has heard your concerns.

Many of the communications we have received ask City Council to make a formal resolution which would affect both City and individual property rights. Your voices are an important part of this process, and I have asked staff to bring the issues to a City Council meeting in January so it can be fully studied, discussed, and direction can be given to staff.

Second, the City Council cares deeply about our SLPs and have a demonstrated commitment to protecting them.

  • On June 6, 2016 Council significantly increased the funding for SLP construction and maintenance by allocating $1.55 million towards them over the next five years.
  • This was not the first time the Council has shown support for the cherished SLPs. In 2013, after an extensive and inclusive public process, the City Council approved the General Plan which contained many protections and programs for the SLP network.

Third, the City Council has a very clear process for protecting and expanding our SLPs.

Periodically through an inclusive public process the City identifies which of the SLP’s should be developed, improved or repaired. City Council will review a draft of a proposed priority list in a public hearing early next year.

  • While priorities of which SLPs to enhance changes from time to time, our decision to take a SLP off of the priority list does not mean that we lose any of our rights to that SLP. Ownership of an SLP can only be abandoned by the City Council through a public hearing.
  • The two times the city has given up an SLP we have exchanged it for a nearby SLP on private property that made more sense for use.

To learn more about the SLPs please click here.

Thank you for expressing your support for our treasured steps, lanes, and paths. 

John McCauley