Parking Changes on Miller Avenue

Over the next few weeks and months, you may notice changes in parking, particularly from Locust to Reed/Valley Circle. Changes include the removal of frontage roads allowing for wider sidewalks and bike lanes; reestablishing curbside parking spaces based on current roadway standards, adding handicapped spaces, and transitioning to the time limit restrictions adopted as part of the Streetscape Plan (see map below for details). 


Over the years, parking has evolved on Miller Avenue in a haphazard manner, resulting in inefficient use of parking. The City has worked with local businesses and community members to develop a Parking Management Plan for Miller Avenue, which was adopted with the Miller Avenue Streetscape Plan in 2011 and refined by the City Council on May 2, 2016. 

The Parking Plan is intended to maximize the efficiency of parking by establishing parking regulations that prioritize shoppers and employees for those areas (such as "Main Street"), and shifting unrestricted parking (used by commuters or long-term employees) to other locations on Miller Avenue. Short-term and handicap parking spaces are also strategically located at the end of most block segments in the commercial areas to allow for delivery and pick up. The Parking Plan also observed that the private parking lots are typically underutilized. City staff is working with local businesses to encourage the use of private parking lots, which will also help to free up public parking spaces. 

These parking strategies are intended to enhance and better serve the needs of businesses, customers, employees, residents and commuters-with increased turn over and use of parking spaces offsetting the loss in parking spaces that will occur with the project.

Regulation of Parking Spaces 

In the upcoming weeks, you will see new signs to indicate the new parking regulations (see map for details). 

City officials worked with community members and business owners in the area to make these changes to make the best, most efficient use of the parking supply and to balance the needs of residents, employees and customers. The new regulations will encourage parking turnover in the area, and City Parking Enforcement Officers will increase their enforcement in the area to ensure adherence to the new time limits. Employees and commuters are encouraged to park in the unregulated spots near Reed Street, west of Willow Avenue, and, when possible, in private parking lots owned by their business. 

What Can You Do?