High Tide Awareness for January

Please be advised that High Tides predicted for January 6-30 may impact traffic and parking in flood-prone areas.

Please make a note of the list below, which indicates the date, time and expected height of high tides.

01-06-17     5:57 am      5'.9"
01-07-17     6:47 am      6'.0"
01-08-17     7:37 am      6'.4"
01-09-17     8:27 am      6'.7"
01-10-17     9:17 am       6'.9"
01-11-17      10:06 am    6'.10"
01-12-17     10:54 am     6'.10"
01-13-17     11:41 am      6'.7"
01-14-17     12:28 pm    6'.3"
01-15-17     1:16 pm       5'.9"

01-23-17     8:07 am      5'.8"
01-24-17     8:50 am      5'.10"
01-25-17     9:30 am      6'.0"
01-26-17     10:09 am    6'.1"
01-27-17     10:48 am    6'.1"
01-28-17     11:28 am     6'.1"
01-29-17     12:09 pm    5'.11"
01-30-17     12:53 pm     5'.8"

If you have questions or comments please call Department of Public Works at 1-415-384-4800 or the Mill Valley Fire Department at 1-415-389-4130.

The City of Mill Valley strongly encourages residents in low-lying areas to prepare for the rainy season and all upcoming high tide events.

Please click here for more information on flooding and storm preparedness.

Do You Live in a Flood Zone?

Do you live in a FEMA designated flood zone? Check out the FEMA Flood Map to find out. Or go to the City's Floodplain Management page for more information.

Local Storm Conditions:

Click here for the latest information about local storm conditions.

Monitor Creek Levels: Click here for a direct link to the Arroyo Corte Madera Sensor Page.


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