Miller Avenue Construction Update - Week of January 16-20

The Miller Avenue Streetscape Project is an 18-month construction project to repair infrastructure and improve multi-modal use of Miller Avenue, including addressing safety for pedestrians and bicyclists of all ages and abilities, providing better transit access, and improving motorist safety.

Construction began the week of June 13, 2016 and will continue through 2017. Please note that all construction schedules are subject to change due to weather restrictions and other unforeseen delays.

Here is the latest news on the Miller Avenue Streetscape Project:

What happened last week:
The contractor continued to create the new concrete center island medians on Miller Avenue between Willow Street and Locust Avenue. Work crews continued to install electrical services and pedestals in that area as well. Heavy rain prohibited work being done one day last week.

What is happening this week and in coming weeks:
Due to the weather forecast, several days of work are expected to be lost starting on Wednesday. As weather improves the contractor will continue to create the new concrete center island medians on Miller Avenue between Willow Street and Locust Avenue. Work crews will continue to install electrical and irrigation crossing sleeves on the north side of Miller Avenue between Willow Street and Valley Circle to allow future services to be installed when the time comes. The contractor will also perform electrical work to support future street lights in the center medians and along the south side of Miller Avenue. Work crews are expected to begin installation of concrete curbs, sidewalks and gutters in the Parkway area between Millwood and Willow streets and in the Gateway area between Valley Circle and Camino Alto.

NOTE: All forecasted work is contingent on weather. Periods of heavy rain prevent work from occur and the scheduled work is pushed back accordingly.

The City recommends that motorists:

  •  Add time to your trip and plan ahead.
  • Drive slowly through the construction zone.
  • Please be courteous to your neighbors and do not to cut through the residential side streets during the construction period.

City and Construction Management staff are making every effort to mitigate impacts during construction and are working with the Mill Valley Chamber of Commerce to notify local businesses and residents of the planned work. City and Construction Management staff will provide regular updates to the community regarding the project.

Stay Informed
Construction updates will be provided on a weekly basis. Stay informed by signing up for updates here. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and our project website


Construction Specific Questions – Please contact Mark Thrailkill with 4LEAF Construction Management at phone (415)328-6972 or email

General Questions – Please contact Becky Murray,Administrative Assistant, City of Mill Valley at
phone (415)384-4835 or email

More info:

Download the Primer on the Miller Avenue Streetscape Project: Click here for a more in-depth look at the Miller Avenue Streetscape Project: timeline, budget, map, and a history of community involvement.

Miller Avenue Area Businesses: Do we have your contact info? If you are not sure, please contact Becky Murray, Administrative Assistant at or call 415-384-4835. Please let us know your name, business name and address, email address and phone number. Also - Check out the MillerUP Business Support program.

Miller Avenue Project Documents - Click here for Agendas, Staff Reports, Plans, Studies, etc.