Mill Valley City Council Reaffirms Commitment to Steps, Lanes, and Paths Program at Community Meeting

The Mill Valley City Council held a joint meeting with members of the Save Our Trails Committee to discuss the importance of the Steps, Lanes and Paths (SLPs) and the shared desire to protect them. The meeting took place on Wednesday, January 25, 2017, with a gathering of around 250 people, and focused on the SLPs’ history, resident issues and concerns, the City’s commitment to SLP preservation, and upcoming actions.

The Community Meeting, organized by the Save Our Trails Committee, took place on the heels of the City Council meeting on January 17, 2017, where the City Council accepted a broad range of recommendations from City Manager Jim McCann to improve the SLPs. The Community Meeting was intended to continue the productive dialog and establish a clear path forward for protection and improvement of the City’s SLPs.

The Council restated its support of City Manager McCann’s recommended actions to strengthen the SLP program including:

  1. Adopting a resolution reaffirming the City’s commitment to SLPs and the adoption of an SLP map.
  2. Updating and expanding the City data base on SLPs.
  3. Creating new enforcement protocol.
  4. Implementing a page on the City website for community recommendations for SLP maintenance.
  5. Looking for increased SLP funding.
  6. Reconvening the internal SLP team.
  7. Preparing an annual SLP report for Council review.
  8. Working with the community on SLP volunteer opportunities.
  9. Proceeding with diligence on approved Capital Improvement Projects to maintain and improve existing SLP network.

“The City Council views the SLPs as an essential part of Mill Valley, used for daily transportation needs, evacuation routes and recreation purposes,” Mayor Jessica Sloan said. “The City has taken immediate action following our January 17th Council meeting to address encroachment issues.”

 At the January 17th City Council meeting, staff provided residents with the City’s Code Enforcement Officer’s contact information to report encroachments. Since then, the City has received nine encroachment reports. The City has cleared two and is pursuing the enforcement of the balance of the identified encroachments.

 “We are committed to getting these encroachments cleared as quickly as possible so the community can enjoy the paths,” Mayor Sloan said.

Vice-Mayor Stephanie Moulton-Peters shared historical background of community efforts to restore the SLPs, including the creation of the SLP guide and community participation in the construction and maintenance of the SLPs.

“The SLP’s are truly treasures of our community,” Vice Mayor Moulton-Peters said. “Despite much progress in the early 2000s, the momentum on our SLP network expansions slowed as the City turned its attention to kicking off other important projects such as the Safe Routes to School Program. We are eager to pick up where we left off and continue to improve the SLP network.”Councilmembers agreed with the need for the City to do more to preserve and protect our SLP network with certain and prompt enforcement.

“The City Council has indicated they are committed to the protection, maintenance and improvement of our SLP network and has directed increased focus and staff resources to the SLP program,” City Manager McCann said. “The City plans to step up SLP expansion, improvement and enforcement. Many in the community have offered good ideas, and we thank everyone for their participation in the meeting on Wednesday.”

Next steps include working on the items listed above, and bringing action items for City Council consideration in the next 60 days.

The City of Mill Valley values community input and participation. Here are ways to stay informed and give input:

Report Encroachments: 
Ann Ivan, Code Enforcement Officer
City Hall, 26 Corte Madera Ave, Mill Valley, CA 94941
Phone: 415-384-4813

Share your general suggestions with us:
Kelsey Rogers, City Clerk
City Hall, 26 Corte Madera Ave, Mill Valley, CA 94941
Phone: 415-388-4864

Learn More:

Download the City Manager’s Staff Report from the January 17, 2017 City Council Meeting.