The City of Mill Valley Moves Forward to Put Important Protections in Place for the City’s Steps, Lanes, and Paths Network and Resolves Lawsuit Filed by Longtime Trail Advocate

The City of Mill Valley proposes further protections for City steps, lanes and paths, and resolves law suit filed by long time trail advocate.  The City continues to make progress on the 9-point action plan approved by the City Council on January 17th to address concerns about protection and preservation of the City’s network of steps, lanes, and paths (SLPs).  After adopting the action plan, the City held a joint community meeting with Mill Valley Save Our Trails, had countless conversations with interested residents, and had extensive discussions with trail advocate and plaintiff, Victoria Talkington.

Staff will now return to the City Council on March 20th to propose a resolution that would establish an official SLP inventory and map, as well as strengthen enforcement against SLP encroachments.  In a settlement agreement, Talkington agreed to dismiss her lawsuit if the City Council adopts the proposed resolution.

“Many community members, including leaders of Mill Valley Save Our Trails, are thanking us for taking action to protect our precious SLPs.  We are pleased that the litigation is behind us, so all of us who are passionate about Mill Valley’s tremendous SLP network can get back to working on the same team.  This action is an example of the Mill Valley City Council listening to the community and taking deliberate and thoughtful action to directly resolve concerns.” Mayor Jessica Sloan.

“The City has not just been saying what it plans to do about SLPs, we have been taking action. At the City Council’s direction, City staff has ramped up enforcement against encroachments. They are bringing us a resolution to strengthen SLP protections and enforcement long-term. The City Attorney found ways to mitigate the risks associated with recording SLPs in the County Recorder’s Office.  I’m glad that we have been able to work together to reach a practical and effective solution.” Councilmember John McCauley.

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