Emergency Preparedness-Evacuation Safety


Here in the City of Mill Valley, we are the definition of a Wildland-Urban Interface.  Our homes and streets blanket the landscape from the bay, through the valley flats and deep into the wooded mountain ridges and drainages. With these scenic views, come the complex and limited routes of access. During a normal day, these routes are quite relaxing, yet in the case of emergencies, such as fires, floods or anything in between, they can add to the hazard. So how do you stay safe in the event of an evacuation? You need to Prepare. 


Be aware of where you live

  • Have multiple evacuation routes
  • Be prepared to evacuate on foot
  • Check out the Evacuation Map for routes 
  • Know your closest Assembly Area

Have your stuff Ready

  • Keep a bag ready with emergency supplies
  • Have a plan for your pets
  • Keep important documents in a “grab and go” location

Stay informed

Evacuation Map & Information