Three Items Regarding Miller Avenue Streetscape Project on the Upcoming City Council Agenda

Here is a summary of the Miller Avenue items on the Agenda:

  • Item 6: Monthly Project Update: This is the monthly oral report from Public Works Director Andrew Poster on the big picture of the project - recent accomplishments, progress update and next steps.
  • Item 10: Update and Confirmation of the Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) Paving Work Plan in the Main Street Room (Willow to Valley Circle/Reed). The next phase of construction for the Miller Avenue Streetscape Project will entail repaving of the roadway. After conducting outreach to the resident and business community and receiving feedback, staff recommends completing the FDR paving operations in the Main Street room during nighttime work hours. Download and review the Staff Report or our recent News Article on the topic to learn more. Please note that this item is on the "Consent Calendar," which is not opened for discussion unless the item is pulled from the "Consent Calendar," prior to City Council approval. Members of the public may request an item be pulled from the "Consent Calendar" to request discussion and separate vote during Public Open Time at the start of the City Council meeting.
  • Item 11: Consideration of a Roadway Modification at Miller Avenue and Almonte Boulevard. Council will consider the recommendation to replace the single lane configuration in with the Extended Right Turn Lane Option. Download and review the Staff Report  (Includes Attachment 1/Exhibits 2&3) and Public Correspondence Part 1 & Part 2

The City Council meeting will take place Monday at 6:30 pm at 26 Corte Madera Ave in Mill Valley.