California Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017 – What Does it Mean for Mill Valley?

The California State Legislature recently passed Senate Bill 1 (SB1), the California Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017, which will provide a $5.2 billion per year investment in California’s transportation infrastructure. This investment includes $1.5 billion per year that will be allocated for local streets and roads. Revenues for these new funds will be generated through taxes and fees including:

  • 12-cent increase to the gasoline excise tax (bringing gas excise tax to 30 cents/gallon)
  • Transportation Improvement Fee collected through vehicle registration fees (effective Spring 2018)
  • 20-cent per gallon increase to the diesel excise tax (effective 11/1/2017)
  • 4% increase to diesel sales tax
  • $100 vehicle registration fee on zero emission vehicles model year 2020 and later

Money generated by the bill will be allocated to the state highway system, local streets and roads, state-local partnership program, active transportation projects, public transportation, bridges, and more.

Estimates from the League of California Cities project that the City of Mill Valley will receive $420,660 in 2017/2018 and $596,419 in 2018/2019 for local streets and roads. Funds made available by the program can be used for local projects including road maintenance and rehabilitation, safety projects, pedestrian and bicycle safety projects, drainage or stormwater capture, and traffic control devices.

Public Works Director Andrew Poster already anticipates these funds will be used to help expand the annual Streets and Sewer Rehabilitation Project. “We know that a lot of people are curious as to when their street will be fixed and repaved. This new reliable source of funds will allow us to add more streets to our annual list of roads to be repaired.”

Members of City Council lauded the new sources of funds as a boon to Mill Valley. The maintenance and improvement of the town’s infrastructure is a key issue that Council remains focused on.  Mayor Jessica Sloan stated, “This additional revenue gives a shot in the arm to our efforts to improve Mill Valley roads, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and Steps, Lanes, and Paths. I’m looking forward to our discussions on how we can utilize this assistance in the future.”