Application Forms for 2017-2018 Tax Exemption and Credit

Application forms for the 2017-2018 Exemption to the City of Mill Valley Municipal Services Tax (income limit applies), Exemption to the City of Mill Valley Library Tax (income limit applies), and Credit for Sanitary Sewer Service Fee (income limit applies) have been mailed to residents who filed last year and to those who had previously requested forms be sent to them this year. Forms must be resubmitted annually. 

If you have not applied previously and would like to apply for any of the exemptions and/or credit listed above, please follow links below to obtain information on eligibility and to print out the form. 

For the Municipal Services Tax Exemption form, click here
For the Library Tax Exemption Form, click here 
For the Sanitary Sewer Service Fee 25% Discount, click here 
For the Proof of Vacancy Letter Form, click here 

All applications are due by May 31, 2017 and should be returned to: 

City of Mill Valley 
Department of Public Works 
26 Corte Madera Avenue 
Mill Valley, CA 94941 

For questions, please contact the Department of Public Works, (415) 384-4800 or email