Second Phase of Edgewood Monterey Cyprus Tree Removal Set to Begin

Work crews are set to conduct the second phase of a tree removal project on Edgewood Avenue staring Monday October 2, 2017 to Friday, October 6, 2017. Work is expected to take place from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm to avoid peak commute time. Commuters and residents can expect a lane closure and one lane traffic controls. Please expect delays, travel cautiously and follow directions from flaggers.

Approximately 20 Monterey Cypress trees which form a stand along northeast Edgewood Avenue have been identified by an independent arborist as a safety hazard. The trees are located in a row along the roadway from 250 Edgewood to 268 Edgewood Avenue. The arborist has determined that most of the trees are in various states of decline, having come to the end of their lifespans and have been identified for removal. Their location in a roadway corridor and long history of pruning has diminished the optimal life expectancy of the trees.

Download the arborists’ reports: Report 1, Report 2

Homeowners near the trees have contacted the City with concerns about the safety of the trees. The trees’ proximity to lanes of heavily-used roadway, as well as the location being close to homes and high-voltage wires makes these trees a concern for the City as well.

The trees were originally planted as a hedgerow to serve as a wind-break on the ridge. They were planted too close to each other, were poorly maintained, show root disturbances, and now pose a risk to passing vehicles, cyclists, surrounding structures and high-voltage wires. An independent arborist has evaluated the trees and has concluded that the risk of limb or trunk failure is high with the potential consequences significant and possibly severe.

Mill Valley Parks staff will work with homeowners and community members to develop a plan for re-landscaping the area.The City recognizes the community’s strong feelings and interest regarding the removal of trees and sensitivity towards change. Questions and comments may be sent to Tony Boyd, Parks Supervisor at (415) 388-4242 or email