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Traffic & Parking

Where can I park?

Gateway Temporary Parking
The City has created approximately 40 new temporary parking spaces on Miller Avenue. The temporary parking will be located along the median of the Gateway section of Miller Avenue, just south of Reed/Valley Circle intersection. The temporary parking is scheduled to be available from June 19 to July 21 and will have no time limits.

Parkway Temporary Parking
Crews have re-striped Miller Avenue between Willow Street and Millwood Avenue to create temporary parking during construction by removing one vehicular travel lane. The new parking created along the curb is unregulated (no time limit), but overnight parking is prohibited. 

4 Hour Parkling
Park in the City lot (411 Miller) across the street from the Whole Foods parking lot.

Additional 2 Hour Parking
2 hour public parking is also available in the front section of the Whole Foods parking lot located at 400 Miller Avenue.

Private Parking
Many Miller Avenue businesses have their own private lots and welcome customers to park there. If you are not sure, call ahead and get their recommendation on where to park.

What about traffic?
There may be some delays related to the ongoing work. Please give yourself ample time to get to your destination. Check for the latest traffic updates.