First Wednesday - Megafloods & Megadroughts | July 5th, 7pm

Join UC Berkeley Earth and Planetary Science Professor B. Lynn Ingram and Dr. Frances Malamud-Roam, currently Senior Environmental Planner at the Army Corps of Engineers, as they discuss the long-term history of climate change in California and the West. Their fascinating book, The West Without Water: What Past Floods, Droughts, And Other Clues Tell Us About Tomorrow, describes past "megafloods" and "megadroughts" in California over the past several thousand years. The worst historical flood, the 1861 "megaflood," left the Central Valley and Sacramento submerged in up to ten feet of water for months, and low-lying regions of the Bay Area, including Mill Valley, experienced severe flooding. Yet this momentous event is virtually forgotten by modern residents of the West.

Prepare to be "blown away" as Professors Ingram and Malamud-Roam take us on an atmospheric journey through time and space and remind us of how important it is to prepare for change.

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