MillerUP Business Support Program: Business License Deferment Program for Miller Avenue Area Businesses

With an anticipated 18 month construction period, the City of Mill Valley anticipated that the Miller Avenue Streetscape Project would interrupt the normal course of business in the area. Key issues such as changes in traffic flow, congestion, parking, noise, debris, and accessibility are all matters of concern. Businesses in the area have experienced interruptions in their regular daily operations; deliveries, utilities, and access for residents, employees and customers have been impacted.

The City has collaborated with the Mill Valley Chamber of Commerce to implement the MillerUP Business Support Campaign to address and mitigate these issues where possible. The program involves promotions, advertising, discounts and other forms of support for the local businesses.

Recently, representatives from the City and the Chamber met with Miller Avenue merchants to explore options to further support the Miller Avenue area businesses. The City will offer a Business License Deferment Program to present temporary monetary assistance to postpone payment of business license fees for local Miller Avenue businesses. We recognize that that every dollar counts, we are pleased to offer this program knowing that having a 6 month grace period could make a real difference.

The following details the program:

Who can participate? Miller Avenue area businesses most impacted by the Miller Avenue Streetscape Project, such as businesses who are located on Miller Avenue, from the Mill Valley Lumber Yard to the Camino Alto/Miller intersection. The program will also include businesses located one block off of Miller Avenue on Willow, Locust, La Goma, Montford, Evergreen, Valley Circle and Reed.

How can a business participate? Miller Avenue area businesses can contact the City of Mill Valley to participate in the program. Please fill out the attached form and return to: Libby Haxton, Accounting Specialist, 26 Corte Madera Avenue, Mill Valley, or email:

Are there fees or penalties involved? No. The City will not add any fees or penalties to any Miller Avenue Area Business who has submitted the attached form to the City and arranged to participate in the program.

What is the timeframe of the deferment? Businesses may defer payment with no penalties or late fees until January 31, 2018. The City can also place a business on a payment plan with smaller increments due to the City no later than January 31, 2017.

What if a business has already paid the 2017 Business License Fee? Contact the City and request a refund in addition to participation in the deferment program.

Questions about this program can be directed to Linn Walsh at the City

Download the Info Sheet and Form: MillerUP Business Support Program: Business License Deferment Program for Miller Avenue Area Businesses