PG&E Electric Tower Maintenance Program

A message from PG&E:

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is proactively improving its Electric Tower Maintenance Program in an effort to help maintain and upgrade the safety of the electric grid. Through this effort, PG&E is ending the use of lead-based-paint on our electric transmission towers and will be re-coating towers in Mill Valley with a new non-lead-based-paint.

We want to make sure you know that the initial phase of the work is scheduled to begin Mill Valley in late September.

Click here to view the map of the tower locations.

This phase of the program puts people first, focusing on towers located near homes, schools and parks, and will include three towers in Mill Valley in 2017. Important details of this work include:

  • Safety measures will be in place at all times and this work is being completed by trained employees and contractors using specialized equipment.
  • This work will not affect electric service.
  • Typically, the recoating of a tower will take three to five days.
  • We will work with staff on any permits that may be required for this work.
  • Soil sampling will be and soil removal and replacement will take place as appropriate.
  • We will need to trim or remove trees, shrubs or other vegetation to safely conduct this work. We will only address vegetation that poses an access or safety issue and will consult with the property owner and the City (where appropriate) whenever vegetation work is more than minor or routine.

PG&E is committed to partnering with our customers and communities to ensure they are completely informed, and we are working directly with property owners with lead-based-painted towers to conduct this important maintenance work. We will also work closely with City staff to obtain all appropriate permits.

More information about this program can be found on our website at, and we encourage anyone with questions or concerns regarding this work to contact us at 1-888-208-6010 or by email at We will respond within one business day.

Thank you for your time during this important effort to maintain and upgrade our state’s energy infrastructure.