Miller Avenue Safety Advisory - STAY OUT of the WORK ZONE

It is very important that you STAY OUT OF THE OUTBOUND MILLER AVE WORK ZONE: Willow to Reed is CLOSED for pavement curing and paving.

Motorists: Driving in the work zone is NOT PERMITTED. Do not go around or move barricades. Police enforcement is in effect. 

Pedestrians (including children and pets) - Sidewalks are open, but crosswalk access is limited. There will be a temporary pedestrian crossing at Evergreen and Locust, as well as access to cross Miller Avenue at Valley Circle and just West of Willow. All other crosswalks and pedestrian access crossing Miller Avenue will be closed. 

Obey crosswalk detours and do not cross into the work zone - the hot asphalt can melt shoes and cause serious burns. 

Cyclists - do not ride in the work zone - the hot asphalt can pop tires on contact.

The road closure is in effect Thursday (7/13) and Friday (7/17) until 5:00 pm. Check out the schedule and more info here.