Speed Limit Being Reduced from 40mph to 35mph on Miller Avenue between Camino Alto and Southern City Border

The Mill Valley City Council voted Monday to reduce the speed limit from 40mph to 35mph on Miller Avenue between Camino Alto and the southern border of the City. Changes to the speed limit go into effect on the week of July 24, 2017 when the Department of Public Works will make changes to speed limit signs on that stretch of Miller Avenue. The Mill Valley Police Department will give warnings on the new speed limit for the first two weeks of implementation and then begin enforcement on August 7.

The speed limit reduction coincides with improvements being made to Miller Avenue this summer that encourage bicycle and pedestrian traffic. In this area of Miller Avenue, vehicle travel lanes are being narrowed, a new pedestrian sidewalk has been installed, wider bike lanes are being striped, and additional safety improvements are being implemented at the Almonte intersection. Additionally, the proximity to Tamalpais High School, the Redwoods senior residential facility, and the shopping center generate large volumes of pedestrian and bicycle traffic that necessitate safer vehicle speeds.