Where Can I Park?

Miller Avenue Streetscape Project Update 7/19/2017

Please see below for a list of parking options. Construction may impact some of these areas - please look for signs.

4 Hour Parking
 - 4 hour parking is available in the Public Parking lot located at 411 Miller Avenue, across the street from Whole Foods.

2 Hour Parking
 - 2 hour public parking is available on the street when not needed for construction (please look for signs), and is also available in the front section of the Whole Foods parking lot located at 400 Miller Avenue.

Other Parking - Parking will be permitted in the Parkway and Gateway as permitted by the construction schedule. Please look for signs to indicate parking availability in these areas.

NEW Unresticted Parking - Parking is available in the Tam High parking lot at the front (Miller Avenue) side of the school.

Private Lots - Many businesses have private parking lots. Call ahead and ask if you can park in their private lot.