Miller Avenue Streetscape Project: Protecting and Connecting with Our Surrounding Ecosystems

A rendering of the view from the intersection of Miller Ave and Locust Ave looking down the inbound lane.

July 26, 2017

A significant goal of the Miller Avenue Streetscape Project is to preserve and connect with the nearby natural environment, particularly Reed Creek and Arroyo Corte Madera del Presidio.

“Protecting and enhancing the environment – is one of the major goals of this project,” Mayor Jessica Sloan said. “More than 10 years ago, members of our community got together to address significant issues facing Miller Avenue, and we’re committed to improving this important part of our City's infrastructure and making it a friendly neighbor to the environment that surrounds it.”

Plant Palette Examples

The landscaping plan will feature species to fit with the character of each sub-area of Miller Avenue: native, drought tolerant species that attract beneficial insects and offer a diverse palate of colors will be planted.

Eastern Redbud and California Buckeye

Landscape architects created a planting plan to add 142 new trees in the Mainstreet area (Willow to Reed/Valley Circle). Species were chosen with careful consideration for size, aesthetic appeal, compatability with other trees, and ability to withstand tough urban environs.

Black Locust, Red Maple and London Plane

New trees include Black Locust trees, Eastern Redbuds, and Red Maples. Black Locust trees are fast growing, Eastern Redbuds put on a prolific springtime display, and Red Maples give spectacular fall color. Crepe Myrtle trees will give color through the summer, and beautiful native trees like California Sycamore, Big Leaf Maple, Coast Live Oak and California Buckeye are also included.

Why Locust Trees? (Robinia pseudoacacia) Click here to learn more.

Rain Garden Example

The Miller Avenue Streetscape Plan is also designed to minimize and filter stormwater to enhance water quality. Rain gardens, bio filters, drop inlets, and energy dissipators will be installed along the Miller corridor.

Rendering of the Reed Creek Overlook

During the development of the Streetscape Plan, the community expressed interest in highlighting the surrounding ecosystems such as Reed Creek. The plan includes an overlook at the Miller/Valley Circle intersection, new shade trees, creek-facing benches, and a wooden boardwalk in the median.

Reed Creek Overlook and Boardwalk at the Intersection of Reed/Valley Circle and Miller Ave

A small bridge will soon be installed in the Marsh area (Camino Alto to Almonte), connecting the new sidewalk and bike lane to the multiuse pathway, replacing the informal trail, which has eroded soil and disturbed wetland plants. The small bridge will allow easy passage to the multiuse pathway, while also protecting the sensitive ecosystem in the area. This bridge will be installed this fall.

Rendering of the Small Bridge in Marsh Area

The City’s goal is simple: to make Miller Avenue as attractive and environmentally friendly as possible. The City is committed to protect and enhance the environment - - a cherished part of our small town character.

Tree List


A rendering of the view from the intersection of Miller Ave and Locust Ave looking down the outbound lane.

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