Emergency Preparedness- Gasline Saftey

The City of Mill Valley has been around for quite a while. With the age of a city like this, there comes a significant amount of upkeep and repair. Homes are constantly being updated, and infrastructure is in an ongoing cycle of repair. So much underground infrastructure has been installed over the years that there is a spider web of underground obstacle that can make the simple garden project quite the nightmare. Make sure you know how to avoid a mess in your yard as well as financial penalties by working with PG&E before you dig.




  • Call 811 before

    • PG&E provides a free service where they will come out and mark the locations of the gas lines where you plan to be working.

    • With this information you can avoid catastrophe!

  • When you work

    • PG&E recommends that you use hand tools when within two feet of the marked lines.

    • While some pipes could be made of other materials, keep an eye out for yellow plastic piping. That is a gas line.

  • How will you know if a gas line was struck

    • You may hear a hissing noise of the gas blowing out of the piping

    • You may see dust or debris being blown out of the hole by the gas

    • You may smell a rotten egg like odor. Do not rely on this scent, as it may not always be present.

  • What do you do now?

    • Get yourself and any people nearby away from the gas line break.

    • Call 911. Get emergency services on the way quickly. They will notify PG&E of the incident.

    • Stay in a safe location. Emergency personnel will instruct you when they arrive on the scene, but stay up wind and avoid any ignition sources like vehicles and electronics.