New Evergreen Avenue Median Configuration

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The "Whole Foods" intersection at Evergreen and Miller Avenue has been modified based on the adopted Streetscape Plan and now will prohibit left turns from Evergreen onto Miller Avenue. 

We would like to advise motorists of a new traffic pattern at Evergreen and Miller Avenue intersection. Starting on or about August 21, 2017 Miller Avenue will be restriped. Motorists traveling inbound on Miller Avenue will be able to turn left onto Evergreen Avenue or make a U-Turn on Miller Avenue outbound (toward Tam High). Motorists on Evergreen Avenue will only be permitted to turn right (eliminating left turns towards downtown). 

This new traffic configuration is part of the adopted Miller Avenue Streetscape Plan, and was implemented due to pedestrian safety concerns, and to minimize vehicle conflicts in the intersection. Traffic studies at this intersection also indicate that the majority of turns onto Miller Avenue are headed outbound.

Motorists travelling in this vicinity should watch for signs indicating the changing traffic patterns.