Project Update: 500 Miller Avenue


This project has recently undergone a sale, and the previous owner, Mr. Von der Werth, is no longer the owner. Staff has been working with the new owner to review the Construction Schedule and overall logistics planning. Staff’s first priority was to work with the applicant to ensure that the utilities for this project were installed prior to the paving of Miller Avenue, which was a major concern for the City. The utility installations were successfully completed in late July prior to the start of paving work.  

City staff has held one “construction logistics meeting” with the applicant, and requested additional modifications and details to the construction plan to address traffic concerns, particularly in relation to truck traffic on Miller Avenue, and timing of grading activities in case of project delays in the grading work.

In addition to the revised Construction Plan, the new owner has returned the various agreements and bonds required for the project to begin. The first phase of the project will involve site excavation and construction of the 26-45 foot retaining wall.  This equates to approximately 800 truck trips as part of the off haul.   This site work must be completed prior to the October 15 grading season deadline. The construction of the retaining wall is done in tiers, which allows the wall to be built incrementally.  This approach allows construction to safety stop prior to fully extending the wall, should there be an unforeseen delay (extending the project past the grading season, which is prohibited and will not be allowed).   The building permit for the site work building the retaining wall will be issued in the next week or two, with construction starting at that time. 

The new owner has been working closely with the City, and has indicated that they have every intention of building the project, as approved, within the time frames specified in the agreement with the City.  The owner is also actively working with their architect to prepare the building drawings. Staff will be working with the project team to review and discuss building details prior to this submittal to the building department for plan check, review and issuance of a building permit.