City Council to Review Potential Improvements to Blithedale / 101 Interchange

Councilmembers Stephanie Moulton Peters and John McCauley have been working with City staff and counterparts from County of Marin, CalTrans, and our sister cities Tiburon and Belvedere to identify improvements that can be made to the Blithedale Ave/Tiburon Blvd/Highway 101 overpass corridor. Traffic flow complications caused by the number of intersections, inefficient signalization, and inadequate lane geometry of this interchange are the lynchpin to efficient flow on the overpass. These deficiencies have a direct effect on E. Blithedale traffic flow causing backups in Mill Valley. Staff will provide an update regarding efforts to improve the function of the interchange corridor and seek City Council input on cooperative agreement with neighboring agencies to explore conceptual design and review options for improvements.