A Message from Mayor Jessica Sloan

August 10, 2017


Last Monday night, after carefully weighing public comments and staff suggestions, the City Council voted to implement a 12-month pilot project to make a stretch of Miller between Willow and Millwood, known as the Parkway, a single lane roadway with a buffered bike lane and curbside parking. 

Many residents have expressed concern that this lane configuration will adversely impact traffic congestion on E Blithedale and we take these concerns seriously. We have been working concurrently on potential projects to improve the flow of traffic at the Blithedale Avenue/Hwy 101 interchange; these changes will reduce congestion on the Blithedale corridor. The City Council will hear a report about this effort at our September 5th staff meeting.

The 12-month period will provide an opportunity to collect valuable data such as how many cars are driving down Miller and Blithedale per hour and whether or not the new configuration causes an increase in people cutting through the adjacent neighborhood.  It will also give us an opportunity to hear from you about your experience with the one lane configuration.  Changing the configuration from one lane to two lanes involves paint striping only. If the pilot project proves unsuccessful the change back to two lanes will not involve major changes to the new infrastructure in this stretch of Miller Avenue.

When I think of Miller Avenue, and what we hope to achieve with the new streetscape, I think of the idea of making Miller Avenue a street for everyone, not just cars. This means making it safer for all users whether they are in a car, on a bike, bus, or walking. I am looking forward to Miller Avenue becoming a  walkable street where neighbors feel comfortable crossing the street or walking their kids to school. I support creating a street that allows parents to feel comfortable letting their kids bike to school, like I, and many of you did when we were little. Let’s give it a try, evaluate the data, listen to each other’s experiences and opinions, and make the best decision possible for everyone in our community.

Thank you.

Jessica Sloan
Mayor, City of Mill Valley


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