New Bridge Connecting Miller Avenue to the Multi Use Pathway

The Miller Avenue Streetscape Project includes the goals of creating a multi-modal corridor for vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists while also respecting the surrounding natural environment, particularly the local creeks and wetlands. Based on these goals, a small bridge will be installed, connecting the new inbound sidewalk and bike lane south of Camino Alto to the Mill Valley-Sausalito Multi-Use Pathway, replacing an informal trail that disturbed the existing wetland area. The small bridge will allow easy passage to the multiuse pathway, while also protecting the sensitive ecosystem in the area.

Environmental agencies have issued the required permits for this work, authorizing construction of the project within the next several weeks. The bridge will arrive pre-assembled, reducing the amount of construction required on site in this sensitive marsh area.

Work crews will construct four bridge footings, which will alter less than 2 square feet of the existing dirt trail. Biologists will monitor the 2-week construction project for compliance with wetland habitat protections.

City and Marin County staff have coordinated to install the bridge prior to the County of Marin Multi-Use Path paving project. Once installed, City and Marin County staff will coordinate with permitting agencies to restore the area with slope stabilizers and plants.  

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