Update: Miller Avenue Bus Stops

October 17, 2017

Thank you to Golden Gate Transit, Vice Mayor Stephanie Moulton-Peters and Public Works Staff! 

Recently, residents have asked about the existing bus stop conditions and the need for maintenance and repair, particularly at Reed and Una Way on Miller Avenue.  Hearing the community's concerns, Vice Mayor Moulton Peters reached out to the transit agencies request their assistance. As a result, the bus stop at the corner of Reed and Miller Avenue has been vastly improved with new paint and plexiglass. In the next few weeks, Golden Gate Transit will make shelter improvements to the bus stop at Una Way and Miller Avenue. City staff has also improved the Shelter at Sunnyside by Boo Koo Restaurant, allowing more space for the redwood tree, fixing the roof structure and placing a new bench at the stop.  


August 25, 2017 

We are in the 14th month of the 18 month Miller Avenue Streetscape Project, and we are making steady progress towards creating a safer thoroughfare for everyone who uses it, from bicyclists and pedestrians to drivers and public transit riders. 

Over the past week the City has received a number of comments and questions about the bus stops on Miller Avenue. We appreciate your interest and will provide information here regarding the status of improvement of the bus stops. 

First, you may not be aware that bus shelters are not City property – they are owned and maintained by Marin Transit/Golden Gate Transit. Work to improve the bus stops must be coordinated and approved by these agencies. 

The Miller Avenue Streetscape Plan recognized the need for improvement of these older shelters and recommended enhancement of the transit stops including location, signage, shelters, lighting, bike storage, access, and other amenities. 

As is often the case with large-scale construction projects, the budget didn't allow the project to accomplish all desired renovations in the first phase. Replacements of all the Miller Avenue bus stops was not a part of the project underway now, but several improvements are planned in the short term and in the future. 
Completion of the transit shelter located in the outbound direction at Montford and Miller (in front of Jiffy Lube) is a part of the Miller Avenue Project. This shelter was completely replaced and will soon include new seating, bike parking, and other improvements. 

Future improvements are under consideration for the bus shelters at Miller Avenue and Una Way, Reed Street and Sunnyside. They are currently under review as part of a system-wide assessment and priority setting of all Marin Transit/Golden Gate Transit stops based on ridership and bus stop conditions. This assessment will be completed by the transit agencies this November including timing and possible funding sources for replacing the shelters. The City is providing input including the comments received recently to the agencies to include in their planning efforts. In the meantime, the City of Mill Valley is working to clean up the bus stops, including the removal of graffiti and installing new garbage cans. At the Sunnyside bus shelter, the bench will be re-set so it is level and at the appropriate height. 

With these improvements, and with continued collaboration with Marin Transit/Golden Gate Transit, facilities will be improved and we hope that transit use will continue to be an easy and even more pleasant and convenient mobility option.