City to Install New Tidal Flap Gates in the "Marsh" Section of Miller Avenue

August 30, 2017

One of the main components of the Miller Avenue Streetscape Project involves improving our infrastructure, particularly as it relates to the flow of water. With direction from the City Council, the City has placed a high priority on upgrading sewer pipes and storm drains and implementing best practices to reduce flooding and pollution of our network of waterways. 

In the upcoming weeks, City contractors will install new tidal flap gates and replace the existing 30-inch diameter culvert with two 48-inch diameter culverts with headwalls at the outlet between The Redwoods and Pickleweed Apartments.

Flap gates are typically attached to culverts that are placed through tidal dikes. The flap gates allow a stream to drain normally during regular flows, but prevent high tides from backing water up the stream channel.

The new, increased capacity and flap gates is intended to help to minimize flooding during some storm and high tide events. More information about drainage, sewer, and flooding improvements related to the Miller Avenue Streetscape Project can be found here.