Miller Avenue Streetscape Project Update: September 6, 2017

What happened last week:
The contractor marked the layout for the striping of the road and continued to raised the sewer system manholes, as is standard practice in a street paving project. City crews have begun to restore previously painted red zones from Sunnyside to Willow to address safety and visibility requirements. 

What is happening this week:
Work crews continue to raise utilities covered by paving operations up to the level of the newly paved roadway. The contractor also continues to stripe the road. Work crews have begun work in the Marsh area (Camino Alto-Almonte) to install a pedestrian/bicycle bridge and two new culverts and tide gates. Work is coordinated with Marin County and various permitting agencies. The contractor is also cleaning sewer service lines, in preparation of the cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) work to extend the lifespan of the existing sewer system (see sewer lining article below). 

What to expect in the next few weeks:
The contractor will prepare median islands and sidewalk planting areas in the Main Street room in anticipation of landscaping work. The contractor will continue to install the pedestrian bridge connecting to the County pathway in the Marsh area and two tide gates. Contracted night work will begin the week of September 11 for the sewer repair work (see sewer lining article below). City crews will continue curb painting, restoring previously painted red zones along Miller Avenue from Park Avenue to Valley Circle.

Mid to late September, work crews will apply a pavement treatment and striping to the triangle shaped parking lot near downtown, just past Balboa Cafe on the outbound side of Miller. The work will require closing the parking lot for 3 days.

Please Note: There will be parking restrictions and lane shifts, to allow for final paving treatments, striping, sewer cleaning operations and other miscellaneous items.

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Thank you for your patience

City and Construction Management staff are making every effort to mitigate impacts during construction and are working with the Mill Valley Chamber of Commerce to notify local businesses and residents of the planned work. City and Construction Management staff will provide regular updates to the community regarding the project.

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