Upcoming Changes to Address New State Law– Local Marijuana and Cannabis Regulations

Beginning on January 1, 2018, it will be legal to sell, distribute and use marijuana in California. The State government will start issuing licenses in 2018, regulating the commercial production, sale and distribution of medicinal and non-medicinal marijuana (now referred to as “cannabis” in the State code). The State, however, cannot approve a license if it violates local regulations. As a result, many local jurisdictions, similar to Mill Valley, are in the process of enacting local ordinances to regulate commercial cannabis.  


Currently, existing local regulations specifically prohibit commercial cannabis activity, cultivation and medical dispensaries in Mill Valley. 


Under State law, combined with the proposed local regulations it will be legal to:

  1. Smoke/consume cannabis by persons 21 years or older private residences; 
  2. Possess less than 28.5 grams of marijuana or less than 8 grams of concentrated cannabis by persons 21 years or older;
  3. Deliver cannabis to a qualified patient or a primary caregiver from a business located outside the city; and
  4. Cultivate up to six cannabis plants indoors

All other commercial (medical and non-medical) cannabis use will be prohibited in the City of Mill Valley. 


The Planning Commission hearing to review the Draft Cannabis Ordinance is scheduled for September 26, 2017 at 7pm in Council Chambers located at Mill Valley City Hall (26 Corte Madera Avenue. The Planning Commission’s recommendation will be scheduled for City Council hearing in late October 2017. 


For additional information contact Danielle Staude at or (415) 388-4033.


Click here to download the draft ordinance.