Emergency Preparedness- Earthquake Readiness





The threat of an earthquake in California is always a real threat. We don't know when it is coming, so all we can do is get ready. There are many ways to prepare. Some ways are having emergency kits packed and food/water staches secured. Other ways are knowing where your families alternative meeting place will be and having an out of state contact. Check out all the information on the rest of our website and others for even more detailed information. With all the packing and prepping, people often ask what they should do directly after an earthquake regarding the utilities to their home. So to keep it easy to remember, check out these three simple items to keep your home and family safe immediately following an earthquake. 


  • Drop Cover and Hold On! This simple procedure that we have all been taught since grammar school is still the best way to go.
  •  Make sure your home is still safe to inhabit. Do not put yourself at further risk, so if there is a hazard use your emergency plan. To secure your house check these two utilities.
  •  If you smell a gas leak, turn off your gas meter using a gas wrench and a quarter turn. If you do not suspect a gas leak or damaged gas lines, do not turn off your gas. There will be lots of work for PG&E to do, so it could take them quite some time to come and turn your gas back on leaving you without the ability to cook or heat your home. 
  •  Check your home for electrical issues or fires. If there is an issue, turn off the power to your house and the main circuit breaker. If not leave to power on so your home can remain a safe refuge area. 

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